We pick up with Jane with bad news on Jane’s end: she’s been having bad dreams involving children, especially babies, that she believes to be bad omens. It is soon revealed that Jane’s life has indeed taken a turn for the worse in a sense: her cousin has committed suicide and her aunt has suffered […]


In chapter 19, Jane proceeds to the library to have her fortune read by the mysterious gypsy woman. Although Jane is extremely skeptical at first, she becomes enthralled when the gypsy reveals that she knows much about Jane, and that she is very close to happiness. The gypsy also reveals to Jane that she told […]

“Goodnight my…” MY WHAT?!?!

Chapter 17 picks up with surprising news: Mr. Rodchetser may be departing for Europe without saying goodbye and worst of all, he might be gone for a whole year! Jane is horrified when she learns this news from Mrs. Fairfax. However, contrary to what Jane believes, a week later a letter arrives stating that Rodchester […]

Fire fire fire!

In chapter 15, Rodchetser fulfills his promise to Jane and finally tells her about Adele’s mother. He goes on to reveal to Jane that Adele’s mother, a french singer and dancer, and himself had an affair several years previously. When he discovered that she was having relations with another man besides himself, he broke off […]

Introducing…MR RODCHESTER!!!

We pick up where we left off, with Jane informally meeting Mr. Rodchester for the first time. The day after their first meeting, Mr. Rodchester invites Jane and her charge Adele for tea. Throughout the tea, Jane describes Mr. Rodchester as cold and distant, uninterested in any conversation with her. However, when Jane mentions her […]


In Susan Glaspell’s turn-of-the-century short fiction turned play, two seemingly innocent and air headed housewives turn murder mystery case crackers, all behind the backs of their law-enforcement husbands. The case? The murder of a man by his wife. The detectives’  wives, in all their knowledge of the inner workings of a woman’s mind as well as the workings […]


*****THIS IS MY SECOND TIME WRITING THIS. COUNT IT. SECOND. SCREW WORDPRESS***** Jane Eyre starts out, as any reasonable novel would start out, by introducing us to our characters and our setting. Gateshead, the setting, is a dreary mansion owned by the widow Mrs. Reed. Because the day is so gloomy at Gateshead, the inhabitants […]

Gettin real sick of this, Jane

Jane goes to take a job at Thornfield hall as a governess and tutor to 8 year old Adele, a french girl.  She is greeted upon her arrival by Mrs. Fairfax, the housekeeper of Thornfield. According to Mrs. Fairfax, the owner-Mr Rochester- travels quite often and leaves the management of the house to Mrs. Fairfax. […]


So Jane is all better from being ignored and called a liar in front of everyone. The girl recovers quickly. She makes a new friend in Miss Temple, who declares her innocence and honesty in front of the entire school, which makes Jane pretty darn happy. I would be too. Jane also comes to tell […]

E’erybody makes mistakes.

So we return to Jane Eyre. Huzzah. Jane gets shipped off to Lowood. At first I was like ‘Awesome! Bye bye evil aunt!’ Yeah, not so awesome. Basically, Jane just got sent from one crappy place to a crappier place. Lowood, yeah, not so great. All the teachers are evil and Jane is almost immediately […]