E’erybody makes mistakes.

So we return to Jane Eyre. Huzzah. Jane gets shipped off to Lowood. At first I was like ‘Awesome! Bye bye evil aunt!’ Yeah, not so awesome. Basically, Jane just got sent from one crappy place to a crappier place. Lowood, yeah, not so great. All the teachers are evil and Jane is almost immediately mistreated. The only two rays of hope in the entire freaking place are this chick Helen Burns and her superintendent  Miss Temple. Basically, those are the two good things that happen in this chapter. Mr. Brocklehurst is still evil though. We come to learn that Lowood is a school for orphaned girls that’s a charity school, so the Reed’s pretty much just dumped her there without having to pay or anything. Awks..So as this section progresses, Lowood seems to become increasingly worse and I start to feel increasingly bad for encouraging Jane in my head to go there. But hey, e’erybody makes mistakes. Anyway, the girls at Lowood are basically underfed and overworked. They sit there all day and do crazy amounts of work or listen to endless fire and brimstone sermons from our good friend Mr Brocklehurst. The best part of this entire chapter is the progression of Jane’s friendship with Helen. Helen’s pretty cool, she’s religious, but the good kind. And she’s crazy optimistic even though she’s essentially stuck in hell on earth. Oh and she’s really smart, which impresses Jane. I like Helen, I think. Anywho, for the first month or so that Jane is at Lowood, Mr. Brocklehurst is gone! But not for long. He returns and all hell breaks loose. After Jane breaks a slate (wtf is a slate?) in his class, he makes her confess to being a liar in front of the entire student body. Scandelous! And how humiliating!  


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