Gettin real sick of this, Jane

Jane goes to take a job at Thornfield hall as a governess and tutor to 8 year old Adele, a french girl.  She is greeted upon her arrival by Mrs. Fairfax, the housekeeper of Thornfield. According to Mrs. Fairfax, the owner-Mr Rochester- travels quite often and leaves the management of the house to Mrs. Fairfax. We also learn that the mysterious Mr Rochester is eccentric and his family has a strange history of violent and angry behavior. Just about then, a totally freaky laugh echos through the house. Mrs. Fairfax summons someone named Grace, who she commands to make less noise and follow instructions. She then reveals that Grace is a seamstress who works in the house. Grace, according to Mrs. Fairfax, is rather unpredictable and unbalanced. Jane falls into life at Thornfield quite enjoyably. She likes teaching Adele, and is happy with her place in the house. One night, while sitting on the porch alone, Jane observes a man on a horse and a dog coming down the road. As the horse is about to pass her, it slips on a patch of ice and its rider is thrown. Jane hurries to help the man up, and observes a not-quite middle aged man who looks brooding and mysterious (old literature code for super hot and Edward Cullen sexy). She goes inside and asks about the man to the servants. It is revealed that the man is in fact Mr. Rochester, and he had just returned home with a sprained ankle after a fall from his horse. Jane doesn’t realize what she’s getting into.


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