So Jane is all better from being ignored and called a liar in front of everyone. The girl recovers quickly. She makes a new friend in Miss Temple, who declares her innocence and honesty in front of the entire school, which makes Jane pretty darn happy. I would be too. Jane also comes to tell Miss Temple about her mistreatment at Gateshead. She gets really into studying and gets really freakishly good at drawing and French all of the sudden. K Jane…So spring rolls around, which is all well and good because its nicer out and the girls can go outside. But its still damp where they are, and the conditions they live in are perfect to breed typhus. A whole ton of girls come down with it, including Helen. Oh no! Jane’s pretty upset, so she goes to visit Helen who, in a turn of events, turns out not to be dying of typhus-but of consumption. Basically, she gon’ die. Helen assures Jane that she’s totally cool with dying (like, what?) and Jane falls asleep with Helen in her arms. Sometime during the night, Helen dies. It’s very upsetting. Skip forward nine years later, and its Jane’s last day at Lowood! Woohoo! Miss Temple got married and left the school, so Jane decides to peace out. Bessie comes along for a visit, and tells Jane some startling news. There is a relative of Jane’s out there that may not actually hate her! Her father’s brother, John Eyre, came looking for Jane 7 years ago! So maybe Jane has a chance after all!


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