“Just Stop Talking!”

    The other day, my friend and I were sitting in the living room, chatting away like it was our jobs.  As we enthusiastically discussed everything from fashion to that girl from our 8th grade English class, when our boyfriends walked in, dirty and sweaty with torn jeans legs, exhausted from a day of riding […]

You Can Never Have Too Many…

Scarves. Let’s talk materialism, shall we? Anyone who knows me can easily tell you, with affectionate rolling of the eyes, about my love-and slight obsession-with scarves. Pashminas, silk scarves, summer scarves, wool scarves, any kind of scarf you can have, its pretty much guaranteed  that I have it. So what’s with my undeniable obsession with […]

The American’s Guide To Spotting Terrorists.

Welcome to America; land of the free and home of the brave, the melting pot where people of all nationalities, religious affiliations and cultures can come together and share the same freedoms. Well…not quite. Recently a new “threat” to our country’s’ safety has been exposed: Arab terrorists. A Google Image search of the word ‘terrorist’ […]